Understanding the Psychological Dynamics of Active Shooters-Offering a Threat Assessment Approach for Educational Professionals and Public Safety Personnel- Mesa, Arizona –May 18th, 2015

-What topic was most helpful “having a picture of the psychological and behavior make-up of an active shooter” Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer (ICE) 

-Dr. Cipriano’s class “provides more tools to use to make risk assessment in a dynamic situation.” Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer (ICE) 

-What was most helpful was “the psychological processes of active shooters and understanding the reasoning as to what lead them down the path to take that type of action.” LEO

-Will this training help you in your profession? “yes, pursuing aggressive identification of potential offenders”. “I would recommend Dr. Cipriano’s training” South Tucson Patrol Officer

-What topic was most helpful “All portions of the presentation will be extremely useful.” Will this training help you in your profession? “Allow a basic assessment of multiple disorders”-- Law Enforcement Patrol Sergeant-- South Tucson Police Department

-What topic was most helpful “His class raised the level of education and awareness.” Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer (ICE)

-What topic was most helpful “the thought process of suicidal subjects; clues to look for.” Mesa Police Department- Police Sergeant

-What topic was most helpful “ the presentation of the 14 communications; I now have a template to use to think about; I recommend his training” - Navajo Police Department

-What topic was most helpful “ Adolescent Active Shooters; His class will help in threat assessment”—School Resource Officer—LEO in Arizona

-What topic was most helpful “ Understanding the signs of an Active Shooter.”---Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer (ICE)


Crisis Negotiation Seminar May 2015

-What was most helpful was “I liked the information on how to respond to each Disorder”---LEO with Gainesville PD, FL

-What was most helpful was “ALL”---LEO with Gainesville PD, FL

-What was most helpful was “the training on PTSD”—LEO attending the course

-What was most helpful was “ dealing with mentally ill subjects” public safety officer---Daytona Beach, FL

-What was most helpful was “Identification of the type of disorder that I am dealing with”---LEO with Daytona Beach Police Department, FL


Public Safety Response to Post Trauma Stress in the Military Veteran Seminar May 2015

-What was most helpful was “Discussing PTSD in the Ranks of Law enforcement and Understanding the Effects”---LEO with Orange City Police Department, FL

-What was most helpful was “Management approaches and proper assessment” ---Detective with Atlantic Beach Police Department, FL

-What was most helpful was “ The knowledge of how to approach a person crisis. I would definitely recommend this course” --LEO attending the course 

-What was most helpful was “Dealing with different types of people who have Mental Health issues and need help”—LEO from Rockledge Police Department, FL

-What was most helpful was “Managing and Assessing PTSD and ways to handle suicide” (prevention/intervention)---LEO with Altamonte, FL

03/24/14  Seminar  “  Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention and Intervention, Stress Management, Conflict Resolution, and Cultural Sensitivity in the 21st Century.”

“Dr. Cipriano’s class was very informative.”
- Missouri Police Officer  (Negotiator)  J.S.


“All material that he covered was helpful.”
- Missouri Police Officer (Patrolman)  J.O


“Dr. Cipriano’s examples and illustrations made the class interesting and informative.”  “One of the best seminars, I have ever attended.”
- Missouri Police Officer (Police Officer) 


“Fantastic Training for Law Enforcement to understand and manage someone in crisis who may have Post Traumatic Stress”
-Spokane Sheriff’s - Deputy, November 12, 2014


“The 2-day course on Active Shooters has broadened the way I see situations as a law enforcement officer- Great team of professionals”
-Broward Sheriff’s Office - Sergeant – Patrol Supervisor -, November 17-18, 2014


“Great class; the psychology behind the active shooter was very helpful”
-Alachua County Sheriff’s Office- Patrol Sergeant, November 17-18, 2014


“Great class; I believe all officers should take this training.”
-Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office- Police officer (patrol), December 1, 2014 


“Very specific to what I do as a police officer; I enjoyed the threat assessment part and what to say to someone who may be experiencing suicidal ideas or plans”
-Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office – Police officer (patrol), December 1, 2014





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